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Is A Heater Service Plan Worth The Investment?

Just like your vehicle, your heater requires regular maintenance. And like any machine, it can occasionally break down. Is it worth it to buy a heater service plan? There are a few factors to take into consideration.

Heater Service Plans on New Equipment


If your equipment is brand new, it should be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. While these vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, generally they cover parts and labor for one year, and parts up to five years. If your equipment is less than a year old, the most cost effective option may be to just purchase your annual maintenance “a la carte” rather than purchasing a heater service plan. After that first year, if the service plan includes annual maintenance and labor, it may still save you money, read on to see why…

Does the Heater Service Plan Include Annual Maintenance?


Even on newer equipment that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, there is annual preventative maintenance that must be done to keep the warranty in effect. When considering a service plan, see if the cost includes this annual maintenance. Heater service plans that include this maintenance can be a real value. Not only does it ensure that you get that maintenance done, it can help you make sure that your heater is running efficiently by allowing the technician to inspect and find clogged filters, nozzles, or other issues that can hamper the efficiency of your heater. Once you’re past that first year of total manufacturer coverage, a heater service plan that includes this maintenance and covers labor on service calls can pay for itself with just one call.

Efficiency, Longevity and Reliability


Keeping up with the maintenance on your heater has far-reaching benefits. Regular maintenance helps boost the efficiency of your heater, saving you money on long term fuel costs. This preventative maintenance also helps catch potential problems before they become major, expensive repairs. This saves you money, and saves you the discomfort of going without heat while waiting for a technician. If you have an older heater, putting a service plan on it can save money, by eliminating the dispatch fee and saving you money on parts that might be needed on possible repairs.

Priority Scheduling

heater service plan including priority scheduling

The wind is howling, the snow is flying, and your heater won’t start. HVAC companies have to prioritize their service calls somehow, and in most cases, clients that have a heater service plan with the company receive priority scheduling when the service calls start rolling in. This means that when you have a service plan on your heater, you’ll wait the least amount of time possible for your heat to be working again. Less worry, less discomfort, and more peace of mind.

The Value of Peace of Mind

a heater service plan provides peace of mind

When you take into consideration annual maintenance, less out of pocket repair costs, boosted efficiency, and priority scheduling, you can see that the real value of a heater service plan comes from the peace of mind it affords. A robust service plan from a reputable company can really take the worry out of home comfort. A service plan backed by a knowledgeable, flexible, caring company adds confidence that your heater will run without a hitch, whether it’s brand new or ‘vintage’.

If you have questions regarding the specifics of 7 Oil Company’s service plans, please feel free to give us a call at 856-786-0707 or email us. We’ll be happy to provide you with any information you may need.

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What To Do When Your Heater Won’t Start

It’s that time of year. The weather is turning cold, and it’s time to turn on the heater after it has rested peacefully in the basement all summer. You turn up the thermostat, flip the switch aaaaaand…nothing. Your heater won’t start. What do you do? Here are few things you can check as a homeowner before calling for a service technician.

Check the Oil Level In Your Tank

check your gauge when your heater won't start

When your heater won’t start, the first thing to check is your oil tank. Most of us go all summer without thinking about getting an oil delivery, especially if we don’t use it to heat our domestic hot water. Does your gauge read ¼ tank or more? If not, you may need to schedule an oil delivery.

If you don’t have a gauge or you have an underground tank, an easy way to determine your oil supply is to use a yard stick or tape measure to gauge the oil, in inches, that remains in your tank. We have a handy chart that will help you convert inches to gallons based on your tank size.

Check The Emergency Switch

check the emergency switch when the heater wont start

There’s nothing worse than paying for service call and having the technician simply flip the emergency switch and have the heater come back on. If your heater is located in the basement, these emergency switches are sometimes located at the top of the cellar stairs, and resemble light switches. In a dark stairwell, they are easily flipped by accident. Check this switch and make sure it’s turned to the on position. This is the second checkpoint when your heater won’t start.

Try The Reset Button


Somewhere on the heater itself there should be a button clearly labeled “RESET”. Turn your thermostat up to the highest setting, and press this button, but only once. The heater should turn right back on provided that you have oil, the emergency switch is on, and there are no issues with the heater. If you try this and and still the heater won’t start, then it’s time to call a technician.

7 Oil Company Is There For You When Your Heater Won’t Start


If you’ve checked all the criteria above, and your heater won’t start, you can call 7 Oil Company 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our technicians will be out in a jiffy to get your heater going.

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Presenting Our New Heating Oil Additive – The Fuel Ox!


For years, 7 Oil Company has been your source for quality heating oil additives designed to provide added protection and peace of mind. It is our goal to provide the best value possible to our customers. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we are now offering The Fuel Ox Total Heating Oil Treatment heating oil additive.

Fuel Ox was originally designed for use by the Department of Defense, and has been manufactured in the United States for the last 30 years. Fuel Ox Total Heating Oil Treatment is offers comprehensive protection for your heating system in one easy treatment.

Heating Oil Additive For Cold Weather Protection

This new fuel additive provides cold weather protection down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, preventing your oil from gelling, your lines from freezing, and keeping you warm and cozy no matter what winter throws our way. Fuel Ox H.O.T. is also a demulsifier, meaning it removes water from your fuel, further weatherizing your oil tank against cold weather.

Sludge Protection

Fuel Ox prevents the formation of solids in your fuel as well as dispersing any existing solids. This means fewer clogged nozzles, filters and strainers, longer oil tank life, and fewer service calls. This adds up to more peace of mind for you.

Lubricant and Detergent

Fuel Ox cleans and lubricates your oil system. This leads to longer service life, easier maintenance, and savings to you as the homeowner.

Corrosion Inhibitor

Oil storage tanks corrode from the inside out. Fuel Ox is a corrosion inhibitor, helping to prevent this internal corrosion and adding to the longevity of your oil storage tank. For residents that use oil only occasionally, Fuel Ox helps permit almost perpetual oil storage, so you never have to worry about the effects of storing oil for long periods.

Total Protection With One Shot

So instead of multiple additives, you can achieve total protection with one cost effective solution. You can request a Fuel Ox treatment with your oil delivery for the low price of 8 dollars, and rest easy knowing that you’ve taken good measures to protect your oil heating system.

heating oil additive

If you’d like to add The Fuel Ox Total Heating Oil Treatment to your delivery, just ask our representative at time of order.



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