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Oil Tank Winterization Made Easy

Oil Tank Winterization Made Easy

With extreme weather dominating all of the headlines right now, it can be easy to forget that winter is on the way. Now that fall is approaching, and heating season is starting up, it’s a great time to start preparing for the cold weather ahead. When it comes to oil tank winterization, there are a few easy things you can do to get ready.

oil tank winterization

Oil Additives

When the temperature drops to the freezing mark, heating oil begins to gel, and the wax within the oil can crystallize, clogging the lines. Consistently adding anti-gelling oil additives can help prevent this. This is by far the easiest and least costly preventative step you can take to help keep your oil lines from freezing. We offer a winter oil additive called SOS. One pint of SOS added each time you fill the tank helps prevent problems with gelled oil and frozen oil lines.

Check For Water In Your Tank

Water can enter your oil tank in a variety of ways: through the equipment, faulty fill caps, or even just in the form of condensation. If you have water in your tank already, its recommended to have the tank pumped out and the water removed. Water in your tank can lead to multiple problems, like rust that can damage your oil pump, ice that can cause blockages, and build-up of sludge and bacterial growth. These problems can be difficult to see, since tanks corrode from the inside out. A yearly tank inspection is an important part of oil tank winterization. Check fill and vent pipes, the tank body itself, and the lines. Another type of oil additive that we offer, called Sludgeban, can help reduce problems with sludge and other contaminants in the tank.

Move The Oil Filter Indoors

If located outside, the oil filter can collect a waxy build-up that can contribute to clogging in cold weather. Simply moving this filter to an indoor location close to the heater can help with frozen and clogged oil lines. When it comes to oil tank winterization, this is an often overlooked but important step.

Insulate Your Oil Lines

Wrapping any exposed oil lines can help prevent freezing. Be sure to use a water resistant material, and seal any seams in the insulation. For added protection, electric heat tape is available as well. Warming elements in the tape keep the temperature up.

Install An Electric Warming Blanket

These devices can be purchased online or at most home improvement stores. Made from weatherproof material such as silicon, they are easily installed on your tank and keep the oil warm and flowing in cold temperatures.

A properly winterized oil tank is a big part of keeping your house warm and cozy all winter long. 7 Oil Company is here to help you with the process. We can provide SOS winter additive at time of delivery, and our licensed and certified HVAC technicians and our full service Tank Division can help with some of the more involved projects listed above.

If you have any questions about tank winterization, additives or any of the services we offer, please contact us.

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7 Oil Assists With Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

On the fitting date of September 11th, four members of the 7 Oil Family put their personal lives aside and headed to Jacksonville, Florida to do their part to assist with Hurricane Irma relief efforts. Kenny Feldman, Cliff Depew, Chris Wood and Josh Medina accompanied four of our trucks to assist a petroleum company called Suncoast Resources, which specializes in emergency response, in areas of Florida affected by Hurricane Irma. We at 7 Oil Company couldn’t be prouder of these four fine gentlemen. They represent the absolute pinnacle of our company’s core values. We wish them good luck with their work and a speedy and safe return.

our drivers leaving for florida to assist in hurricane irma relief

The “Florida Four”

trucks loading on flatbeds

Our Trucks Preparing To Leave New Jersey

trucks on flatbeds

Our Trucks Arriving In Florida

trucks arriving in florida

trucks onscne

Ready To Roll

staging area 2

staging area 3

staging area 4

staging areaThe Staging Area


flooding 2

Storm Surge In Suburban Streets

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Hammonton NJ Touch A Truck – August 27th, 2017

We had a great time in beautiful Downtown Hammonton NJ on Sunday! Hammonton is a gorgeous town full of friendly folks, a real gem in New Jersey’s crown . There were tons of trucks there (literally!), from emergency vehicles to dump trucks to our own tanker. We’d like to share some photos from our day with you.

our display in hammonton nj

This was our display, right on the corner of South Second Street and Bellevue Avenue.

truck 735 in hammonton

Truck 735, taking a break from oil delivery to be shown off at Touch A Truck.

hammonton truck 735

A better look at the pride of the Hammonton fleet.

s second st hammonton nj

The view down South Second Street.

eagle theater hammonton njsweet shoppe hammonton nj

The Eagle Theater and Sweet Creations, just two of the many awesome shops in town.

greetings from hammonton nj

This artwork was on the wall across from our display, adjacent to the Noyes Art Museum.

hammonton fire truck

The Hammonton Fire Department made quite an impression on the visitors that day!

vine street hammonton nj

Participants starting to set up in the Vine Street parking lot.

buggyold truck20170827_145458

The participants weren’t limited to the big trucks, there were some other unique and interesting vehicles on display.

All in all, we had a great day with our friends in Hammonton. We hope you’ll join us again next year!

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