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Air Conditioner Efficiency – Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

take the strain of your air conditioner

If your home isn’t equipped with a central air conditioner or if you just want to keep cooling costs down, there are a lot of ways to stay cool without cranking the AC to arctic temperatures. We’ve compiled a few in this list. These tricks and hacks can help take some strain off your air conditioner, keep cooling costs down and make your summer more enjoyable.

Close Off Unused Rooms

Your air conditioner will work more efficiently if it is cooling a smaller space. If you have unused rooms in your house, close them off in the summer. Shutting vents and keeping the door closed will help the cooler air stay in the used living space, and keep the warm air from the unused room inside.

Use Your Fans Right

During the summer months, ceiling fans should be pushing air down. Remember, ceiling fans cool people, not rooms, so turn the fan off when not in use, and on when you’re resting directly under it.

Box fans can be strategically placed to create a wind-tunnel effect. At night, when the temperatures are cooler, place one in an open window to draw warm air out and another in an open window do draw cool air in.

You can create a refreshing cool breeze by simply placing a bowl of ice water in front of a fan at an angle, so the fan blows across the ice. You can add to this effect by brewing a pot of peppermint tea, and then cooling it in the refrigerator. Place the iced peppermint tea in a spray bottle and mist yourself with it. The menthol in the tea will give your skin a cool tingle, adding to the cooling effect of the fan!


Humid air can make warm temperatures more uncomfortable. Your sweat evaporates more quickly when the humidity is lower, making you warm temperatures feel cooler. High humidity causes the opposite effect. A dehumidifier in your home will lower the humidity, helping you feel comfortable and cool.

Retreat To Cooler Rooms

Does your house have a basement? Generally, basements are 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. Retreating to a basement during the hottest times of the day can be a great respite from the heat. If you don’t have a basement then the lowest level of your house is the best option.

Keep Curtains Drawn During The Day

Keeping your curtains or blinds closed during the day will help keep your house cool by reflecting sunlight away. This is especially important for windows facing west or south. Using white or light colored window treatments will make this even more effective.

Think Shade, Especially Around The Air Conditioner

Strategically planted foliage that shades windows and air conditioning units will block sunlight and help keep cooling costs down. Just remember when planting trees or shrubs near your air conditioner, make sure you leave enough room for proper air flow.

We hope you find these tips useful this summer! We’re here to help you stay cool. For any additional help with your home comfort needs during this summer season, give us a call at 856-786-0707, or email us. 


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