Fuel Additives

7 Oil works hard to ensure that the commercial fuel you receive from our company is of the utmost quality, and in compliance with federal and state regulations requiring a minimum of 2% bio-fuel blend. This is why we put fuel additives in all of our on-road and off-road diesel (dyed diesel) products at no extra charge to the customer.

Fuel additives help to increase the cetane rating of diesel, and act as a critical prevention method by helping to reduce the amount of corrosion that can occur in your vehicle or equipment’s tank. Fuel additives vary, however most of them carry lubricants, antioxidants, and oxygenates.

ECOCLEAN in particular is the fuel additive that we use year round for commercial fuels. It is a patented product created by Innospec Fuel Specialties that helps prevent in-engine thermal stressing and cleans up the injector deposits that already exist in your fuel tank. This fuel additive is extremely beneficial because it helps improve horsepower, prevents corrosion, and restores lost fuel economy.

Other benefits of commercial fuel additives include:

  • prevention of black soot and sludge formation
  • prevention of premature filter plugging
  • reduction of harmful exhaust emissions
  • prevention of freezing in sub-zero weather

Call us today to learn about how our commercial fuel additives can benefit your business!

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