Heating Oil Additives

A variety of common tank problems, like sludge or water in your tank, can cause major issues that are both costly and potentially hazardous to the environment.

That’s why 7 Oil recommends using additives with each heating oil delivery. Additives are designed to:

  • Prevent water (which often is created during the condensation process) from freezing
  • Remove sludge
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Winterize your heating oil storage tank
  • Help your heater burn cleaner and more efficiently (which in the long run will save you money!)

These additives typically cost around $7-$10, and when used properly can offset major repair costs caused by heating oil tank damage.

Some of the heating oil additives that 7 Oil offers include:

  • SOS – A unique blend of proven and highly active chemical components that can winterize a 275-gallon outside tank with just one pint.
    *Great for above-ground tanks, which will freeze at a certain temperature
  •  SludgeBan – An industry-recognized, proven method for the rapid elimination of sludge and sediment from oil storage tanks, filters, and lines.
  • Fuel Guard – A highly concentrated composition of active oil preservatives that prevent microorganisms in your tank.

Remember, to prevent your tank from freezing and to preserve the overall health of your heating oil tank, ask a 7 Oil customer representative about our heating oil additives!

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