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Presenting Our New Heating Oil Additive – The Fuel Ox!


For years, 7 Oil Company has been your source for quality heating oil additives designed to provide added protection and peace of mind. It is our goal to provide the best value possible to our customers. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we are now offering The Fuel Ox Total Heating Oil Treatment heating oil additive.

Fuel Ox was originally designed for use by the Department of Defense, and has been manufactured in the United States for the last 30 years. Fuel Ox Total Heating Oil Treatment is offers comprehensive protection for your heating system in one easy treatment.

Heating Oil Additive For Cold Weather Protection

This new fuel additive provides cold weather protection down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, preventing your oil from gelling, your lines from freezing, and keeping you warm and cozy no matter what winter throws our way. Fuel Ox H.O.T. is also a demulsifier, meaning it removes water from your fuel, further weatherizing your oil tank against cold weather.

Sludge Protection

Fuel Ox prevents the formation of solids in your fuel as well as dispersing any existing solids. This means fewer clogged nozzles, filters and strainers, longer oil tank life, and fewer service calls. This adds up to more peace of mind for you.

Lubricant and Detergent

Fuel Ox cleans and lubricates your oil system. This leads to longer service life, easier maintenance, and savings to you as the homeowner.

Corrosion Inhibitor

Oil storage tanks corrode from the inside out. Fuel Ox is a corrosion inhibitor, helping to prevent this internal corrosion and adding to the longevity of your oil storage tank. For residents that use oil only occasionally, Fuel Ox helps permit almost perpetual oil storage, so you never have to worry about the effects of storing oil for long periods.

Total Protection With One Shot

So instead of multiple additives, you can achieve total protection with one cost effective solution. You can request a Fuel Ox treatment with your oil delivery for the low price of 8 dollars, and rest easy knowing that you’ve taken good measures to protect your oil heating system.

heating oil additive

If you’d like to add The Fuel Ox Total Heating Oil Treatment to your delivery, just ask our representative at time of order.



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