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Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 1.31.09 PMLooking for 7 Oil service contracts? You’re in the right place. Thank you for your interest in a yearly maintenance contract with 7 Oil. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you with more information. You can also reach us directly with any questions or concerns:


7 Oil Company offers complete full service for all heaters, both commercial and residential. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day for any emergency service that may arise. We offer service contracts for all makes and models of oil fired heaters & hot water heaters. 7 Oil service contracts include your annual cleaning and our contracts are designed to suit every customer’s financial situation. 7 Oil Company also offers heater replacement and financing options upon request. Please contact 7 Oil Company for any repairs or annual cleanings. We service all makes and  models.

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Auto Delivery Our high-tech auto oil delivery program is a state-of-the-art computer system that uses daily temperature readings, your tank size, summer-winter hook-up factor, and consumption to determine a delivery date to fit each individual account. Payment options for Auto-Delivery operate through either budget plans, credit card payments, or mail-in personal check.


Will-Call Delivery It is not necessary to sign contracts or commit to yearly agree- ments with 7 OIL. We would love for all of our customers to work with us on a contractual basis, but we will deliver to anyone, no strings attached! 7 OIL accepts cash, all major credit cards, or checks. 7 OIL is here to accommodate everyone’s needs.


Budget Plans 7 OIL budget plans are highly recommended to anyone who is trying to manage their oil delivery costs as efficiently as possible. Your budget payment is determined by your winter season consumption multiplied by the average price of the oil. Your cost is then divided among monthly payments. The amount of payments you choose to pay will influence how high or low your monthly payments will be.

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General Conditions & Exclusions
This Service Plan is available to customers who purchase their fuel oil and all heating systems services from 7 Oil Company during the term of the Plan and whose payments are in accordance with our payment and credit terms. The Service Plan becomes effective after our inspection and approval of your heating system and tank.

  1. The term of the Plan is for a one (1) year period and will renew automatically every year unless terminated by either the customer or 7 Oil Company. The Plan automatically terminates if the customer no longer purchases all of its heating oil from 7 Oil Company. No credit will be issued if the Plan is cancelled before the expiration date.
  2. Repairs or services not covered by the Plan will be performed and charged to the customer at prevailing rates.
  3. The Service Plan does not cover labor or materials to repair damage to the heating system or residence caused by the customer’s neglect such as failure to have sufficient fuel oil in the tank (unless oil is being delivered under our automatic delivery program, auto-postponed for credit reasons), insufficient water for boiler, blown fuses or other failure of electrical system, improper thermostat settings or faulty thermostat, having heating system switches in the “OFF” position, debris build up in the air or venting systems and other causes related to operation or maintenance of the heating system by the customer. Damage, repairs or replacement of parts or components caused by Acts of God, fire, flood, freezing, storm or weather conditions, power loss or surges, water damage, and fuel flow problems due to outside fuel storage are not covered by the Plan.
  4. 7 Oil Company will provide service as soon as practical, during regular business hours under normal conditions or on an emergency basis if necessary. 7 Oil Company will not be liable for any delay or failure to provide service due to conditions beyond its control such as Acts of God, labor disturbances or strikes, unavailability of mechanics or parts, failure or interruption of customer’s electricity, inaccessibility of the heating system, storms, floods or other severe weather conditions, or government laws or regulations.
  5. The Service Plan only covers heating system parts and components specified in the Plan. Examples of components not covered by the Plan include boiler and furnace and related piping, air conditioning systems, humidifiers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, hot water heating systems and air and venting systems. The Plan does not cover environmental clean up, property damage, waste disposal services or other damages or losses caused by a tank leak or system failure even if the tank has been tested ultrasonically and previously enrolled in the TankSure® Program. IN ADDITION THE FOLLOWING ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THE SERVICE PLAN: Dual purpose parts used for heating and air conditioning unless otherwise stated (policy for heating calls only)-Humidifiers and electronic air cleaners and flue devices – Heat distributing units (radiators, baseboard radiation, piping, duct work, bleeding radiators, etc.) – Boiler and jacket on hot water units or heat exchanger and jacket on warm air units. – Clock type thermostats (limited to replacement with conventional thermostat) – Combustion chamber, smoke pipe and chimney defects- Domestic hot water coil and tempering valves – Automatic water feeders, low water cutoffs, zone valves relief valves, flow control valve, motorized zone dampers, circulator bearing assembly, draining expansion tanks, auto flue dampers, and any part which comes in contact with water. – Storage tank or any related parts of tank or oil related problems – Low pressure and rotary type heating units, including GE, Timker, and/or Blue Ray – Nuisance calls, such as out of oil, switches off, thermostat below room temperature, etc., are subject to charges at prevailing hourly rate. – Water leaks or water damage or any description or damage resulting from flue devices – 7 Oil is not responsible for any damages caused by tank leaking or any of the clean-up expense.
  6. Customer agrees to release and hold 7 Oil Company harmless from all claims related to losses, costs, or damage to personal or real property caused by fire, explosion, flood, freezing, power loss or surges, oil leakage, and premises left unattended. Customer agrees that 7 Oil Company shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages incurred by customer or by third parties.
  7. In the event that the residence is sold, the Service Plan may remain in effect provided that the new owner continues to purchase fuel oil and heating system service from 7 Oil Company.
  8. 7 Oil is not liable for refusal to render service when in our opinion the conditions of the area in question present a risk of harm to any of our personnel.
  9. This contract does not cover services or materials resulting from lack of fuel oil caused by customers whose delivery is postponed for credit reasons.

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