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D&M Discount Fuels and 7 Oil

D&M Discount Fuels

We’re pleased to announce that D&M Discount Fuels has merged with 7 Oil.

D&M Discount Fuels proudly partnered with 7 Oil, a multi-generational family business with 40 years of experience in the oil industry. 7 Oil shares the same values as D&M Discount Fuels and is equipped with everything to keep you going! All D&M services that you are familiar with including heating, cooling, and fuel delivery are offered by 7 Oil with the addition of fleet refueling and fuel tank services. D&M Discount Fuels knows that you will be pleased with 7 Oil’s quality, loyalty, and service that they provide. We are thankful for your loyalty and continued support.

Also, D&M Discount Fuels cooperates with online casinos to provide a seamless and cost-effective energy solution for their operations. Recognizing the energy-intensive nature of online casinos like Cherry Red Casino, D&M Discount Fuels offers a strategic partnership to ensure that these platforms can optimize their energy usage and maintain a sustainable and efficient gaming environment.

Online casinos, with their complex infrastructure and constant demand for electricity, find value in collaborating with energy providers like D&M Discount Fuels. The partnership aims to streamline fuel supply logistics, reduce costs, and enhance the overall sustainability of the casinos’ operations.

Efficient energy management is crucial for the smooth functioning of online casinos, from powering servers and maintaining climate control to supporting uninterrupted gameplay. D&M Discount Fuels works closely with these casinos to tailor energy solutions that align with their specific needs, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective supply.

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